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Even if you are not interested in temple, you should still visit to see the Fire Lion Firework.

Taiwan has many great places that are suitable to bring your kids along and as a family, you will have a great time.

Many people are not aware that Taiwan has amazing Cherry Blossoms scenery! We are going to share with you the top 6 places to see Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan.

Almost 1 in every 10 Singaporeans will visit Taiwan every year. But there are some tourist attractions that are overrated and you will not want to waste your time visiting them.

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We have compiled a list of most popular food that you can experience at Ning Xia Night Market in a single visit.

This is how you should explore Nantou in Taiwan.

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It is important to know Taiwan Weather

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Singapore to Taipei Flight promotions are out there every day. In this list, you will know the best deals among the famous airline in Singapore.

Taiwan actually has a lot to offer to nature-lovers.

Does 999 or 995 works in Taiwan? Do you know any emergency numbers in Taiwan?

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Beautiful landscape, great tasting local food & friendly people, all make Taichung a beautiful place to be. While so many visitors prefer Taipei to any other destination, Taichung is a wonderful destination yet to be discovered by tourists. There are plenty of things to see, do and eat during your vacation here. Located few kilometers… Read more »

Located on the eastern coastline of Taiwan, Hualien is a beautiful little city that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. Hualien, sometimes referred to as the prettiest city by the sea, is set deep in Taiwan’s aboriginal heartland. It is renowned for being the entrance to Tarako National Park, and also the place where… Read more »

Tourists in Taiwan may consider Chiayi as a lesser known destination; on the contrary, it is actually a place to be experienced by travelers and adventurers. Explore the place and keep the good memories it brings, in time to come. Apart from just having knowledge about the place, it will also be a fun time… Read more »

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Taiwan is a beautiful country that can be visited any time of the year. However, it is still important to know their 4 seasons so that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

Taipei is a 300 year old city that is filled with delicious street food. Beautiful temples, hot springs, tea fields, parks and colonial towns that are backed by a mountainous national park are all easily accessible!

Nantou County is the second largest county of Taiwan and it is the only landlocked county in Taiwan. It is one of the places that you should definitely visit when you are in Taiwan.

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