Taiwan Weather

It is important to know about Taiwan’s Weather

Knowing Taiwan’s weather prior to your holiday is important. Do you think you are travelling to Taiwan at the right time? Do you want to avoid the rainy season? Well, yes and no. When it is raining, especially during the typhoon season, you will be able to get better deals (Because their business is not as good, they will throw in more promotions). However, if you are into sightseeing, the typhoon may spoil your holiday.

Therefore, knowing the weather in advanced will help you make better decisions. We are here to give you some references so that you can plan your holiday accordingly. Generally

> Dec to Feb is Taiwan’s Winter. (Cold)

> Mar to May is Taiwan’s Spring (Cooling weather with minimal rainfall)

> Jun to Aug is Taiwan’s Summer (Hot and Humid + Monsoon season. Frequent rain, sometimes heavy rainfall.

> Sep to Nov is Taiwan’s Autumn. (The Weather is turning cool with less rainfall)

For more detail information, refer to Best Time to Visit Taiwan.

If you are thinking of visiting Taiwan in October, this is our recommendation.

Taiwan Weather October

Generally, the best time to visit Taiwan in October will be Week 4.

In Week 4, there will be least rainfall. It will be mainly windy or sunny this week. However, this is just based on the past weather forecasts. There may be unexpected changes, so it is important to check out the latest forecast updates here.

If you are planning even later than October, this weather trend chart will be extremely useful for you.


Annual Temperature for Taiwan

Annual Temperature for Taiwan (Source From http://www.worldweatheronline.com/)

Annual Rainfall for Taiwan

Annual Rainfall for Taiwan (Source From http://www.worldweatheronline.com/)

But if you are lazy, just look for us. We will help you plan your Taiwan Itinerary. Your planning will be a breeze.