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Day 1 Taoyuan International Airport>>TaiChung FengChia Night Market


逢甲夜市 - Féng Jiǎ Yè Shì Street View


Day 2 紙箱王 (Carton King)>>薰衣草森林 (Lavender Forest)>>高美濕地 (Gao Mei Wetland)


Carton King - Mini Zoo


Lie Back And Relax - Photo Contributed By:


Lavender Forest - Photo Contributed By:


Day 3 集集火車 (Ji Ji Train Station) >>車埕 (Che Cheng) >>水里蛇窯 (SnakeKiln) >>日月潭遊湖 (Sun Moon Lake)


Helicopter View of Che Cheng


Sun Moon Lake Sunrise View


Day 4 日月潭 (Sun Moon Lake) >>向山遊客中心 (Xiang Shan) >>埔 里–廣興紙寮.酒廠 (Puli Paper and Wine Factory) >>盧山溫泉 <Lu Shan Hot Spring)


Classic View Of Sun Moon Lake (3 Mountain Top)


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Day 5 青青草原 (Cing Cing Farm) >>小瑞士花園 (Little Swiss Garden) >>鶯歌/三峽街 (Ying Ge/ San Sia Street)


Happy Holiday Nantou | 秋天落羽松 (Fall's Bald Cypress)

view of he huan san.jpg

View of He Huan San


Day 6 台北自由行 (Taipei Free and Easy)


Happy Holiday TaiChung | BIG Fried Squid


Kitty Foam Drink Series


Ma La Soup Ready


Happy Holiday Taipei | Jiu Fen Shop house 4 (Photo contributed by


Happy Holiday Taipei | 阴阳海 - Yin Yang Sea 2


Happy Holiday Taipei | Mask Shop (Photo contributed by


Happy Holiday Taipei | 平溪天灯节 - Crowd in Ping Xi Sky Lantern Festival


Happy Holiday Taipei | 平溪天灯节 - Magnificent View of Sky Lantern


Day 7 Taoyuan International Airport >> Home Sweet Home!!!


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