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We are here to help your Taiwan Itinerary Planning.

We are sure that you will have many questions when you are planning your Taiwan itinerary planning. Therefore, we will compile as many questions here. We hope that we can help to ease your itinerary planning process. If you have some questions that you think it will be helpful for everyone, let us know so that we can add it in. Let’s spread the wealth!!

Common Questions:

Is it a good idea to travel to Pingxi Shifen by public transport to save money?

How to go Shi Fen


Most common approach:

Take Train from Taipei Main Station to Ruifang = 50 mins

Change train from Ruifang to Shifen = 30 mins (Frequency = 1 hr )

On average, one way duration will be around 2 hours and you will expect the train to be very pack during weekend.

But total cost per pax should be less than NT 300.

Holiday time is precious and long traveling time is tiring. So we do not recommend you to waste your holiday time traveling in this way.

Getting a driver and you can reach there within 1 hour. Most importantly, you can visit different scenic along the way.



# Where should you keep your power bank? Check in luggage or hand carry luggage?


Power bank MUST be kept in hand carry luggage. It must not be kept in check in luggage. Each person is allowed to carry up to two spare batteries – which must be separately packed.



# What are the differences way to go to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport?

You have various ways

  • Bus to Taipei Main Station then use MRT  —> Cost < $200
  • Taxi —> $900 – $1200
  • Get your driver cum guide —> $1200 – $1500


# Is it ok to just visit Taipei and Hualien only?

It is ok, but have you considered a stop by at Yilan? Yilan is between Taipei and Hualien. Its hot spring is very famous. You can always drop by Yilan for a great hot spring before you return to Taipei from Hualien. If you need us to help you plan your itinerary, you can simply contact us @


# Do you know different Sky lantern color has different meaning? Did you choose the correct color in the past?

Or which one will you choose next time round?sky-lantern

Red: For Luck
Pink: For Marriage
Orange: For Career
White: For Health
Yellow: For Wealth
Purple: For Study
Blue: For Good Human Relationship
Green: For Stable Life
Peach: For Family

Now you know the correct colour, you will not choose the wrong colour anymore. Enjoy your moments in Shifen.


# Is it suitable to bring kids to He Huan Shan?


He Huan Shan weather can be much colder due to its high altitude. So your kids should wear more. But it is a long ride up to He Huan Shan. There have been quite a few cases where young kids vomited a few times along the way up. So it is important to determine if your kids are able to handle to bumpy road up.


# Is this a good 2 Days Itinerary?


This 2 day itinerary seems to be very hectic. There will be a lot of traveling time from Taipei to CingJing and Sun Moon Lake to Taipei. For this itinerary, you must engage a professional driver guide. But even with a driver guide, your holiday will be just a touch and go style. You will not fully appreciate the beauty of the place.
Our general rule of thumb for a good itinerary is to have 3D2N duration per county. In this case, you visited 3 counties, Taipei, Taichung and Nantou.
If you are not interested in Taichung, you should at least stay your night in Cingjing farm. You do not waste time to travel from Cingjing to Taichung and Taichung to Sun Moon Lake the next day. You can simply go to Sun Moon Lake directly from Cingjing.
Cingjing’s scenery (both day and night are breathtaking). So we definitely recommend you to stay at least 1 night in Cingjing.


# When is Taiwan Typhoon Season?


June to October is the typhoon season in Taiwan. However, it is during July to September that has the most typhoon activities. You will need to take special note especially when you are traveling to sightseeing venue like Taroko. But if you are on a shopping trip, you will be able to bargain for better discount during typhoon day!!!


# How much is the VAT (Tax Refund) in Taiwan?

5% VAT Refund for purchase of more than NT 3000.


# Do I need to give Tips in Taiwan?

Tips giving is not a common practice in Taiwan. It is really up to you.


# What is the usual Night Market’s operating hours?

Night Market usually operates from 6 pm – 1 am. But it will vary slightly for different night markets.


# What is the usual Bank’s operating hours?

Usual Banking operating hours are from 9 am – 3.30 pm. Different banks will vary slightly.


We will continue to add more common questions…

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