Cathay Pacific Promo | Senior Citizens Special Fares

Cathay Pacific Promo is here!!!

Enjoy the Cathay Pacific Promo Special Fare for Senior Citizens. Senior Citizens can fly to Taiwan from SGD378*
Enjoy Cathay Pacific exclusives to Taiwan and experience Taiwan by strolling along the night markets.

Cathay Pacific Promo

Temple destroyed by 921 Earthquake

Taiwan is a friendly country that is very suitable for senior citizens. There are a lot of rest and relax activities such as natural hot spring, world class heritage, stunning temple and sightseeing spot in different provinces.

Not only that, in Taipei, elevator and lift is almost everywhere. Taxi are easily available and their train system is also very efficient.

It is time to be filial and treat your parents to an amazing holiday in Taiwan.

Book Cathay Pacific promo special fares is dedicated to passengers aged 55 and above.

Offer is exclusive online and ends 30 Sep 2016.

* Estimated fare per adult inclusive of taxes

If you want to know more about place of interests that are suitable for senior citizens, check out with us (It is free!!!) or use our Itinerary Builder!