7 Must Eat Food in Ning Xia Night Market (Taipei)

Visiting night market in Taipei and not sure which to visit as time is limited? Many people prefer to visit Shilin and Raohe Night Market because of its popularity, but do Taiwanese think and feel the same way? Not exactly… Different night market has different characteristic. If you are looking for food, Taiwanese will definitely recommend you to Ning Xia Night Market.

Ning Xia night market is a relatively small night market and is mainly about nice food. They have 100+ stores along a 600 m road and it is impossible for you to try all the nice food, therefore, we have compiled a list of most popular food that you can experience at Ning Xia Night Market in a single visit.

1. Ning Xia Riceball (慈音古早味阿婆飯糰)

Beside the entrance of the night market, you will see a small stall with a long queue. This is the stall that you are looking for!!!! We all know that Japanese rice ball is delicious, but even Japanese loves their rice ball too…. Japan TV media even flew down to interview them. Its Q rice is filled with unique ingredients of Youtiao (油條), Suan Cai (酸菜), radish (菜脯) and Pork Floss (肉鬆), making the taste exceptionally delicious…..


Source: 波比看世界

Most customers will buy 5-10 rice balls at a time but as a tourist, we do not recommend you to buy more than 1 because this is quite filling and there are still a lot of nice food in the night market and we recommend you to try as many different kind of food…

2. Yam Pastries from Liu Yu Zi (劉芋仔)

劉芋仔 劉芋仔 Stall

Source: 大尾&小仙

This is probably the most popular store in Ning Xia Night Market. Their yam ball has basically 2 main flavour: Standard and Duck Egg. The yam ball is crispy outside and yet not oily. If you are getting the standard one, you will be able to taste the sweet yam taste and if you are getting the Duck Egg one, you will get a mixed taste of salty and sweet flavour immediately when you have the first bite. You will also be surprised with how well the pork floss elevate its flavour. The secret of their superb taste is from their yam. Their yam is specially purchased from Kaohsiung and it requires a careful preparation of at least 6-7 hours everyday. This should be at the top of your list unless you hate yam. Be prepared to queue up for it and their service is pretty fast.

3. Dessert from 豆花莊 (Beans Village)



Source: 豆花莊 facebook

Beancurd is very common in Taiwan and Taiwanese have very creative ways in eating it. They usually mix it with different ingredients to make the taste unforgettable.  Beans Village was established since 1965 and its signature is beancurd with peanuts. Yes, there is no typo here. It is peanuts… This may be your first time seeing beancurd with peanuts but the taste is really good and unique…


Source: 豆花莊 facebook

Taiwan beancurd is just different from Singapore. It is soft and smooth and yet it does not breaks easily. You will be spoilt with their variety…. Apart from peanuts, there are many other side dishes you can add, e.g., yam, dumpling etc…


Source: 老K

4. Famous Chicken Rice (火雞肉飯) from Chiayi


Singapore and Chiayi are both famous for their chicken rice. As a Singaporean, I actually prefers Chiayi chicken rice! It comes in a small bowl and everything is already pre-mix for you. The chicken is sliced to small pieces so that you can eat using a spoon. The sauce is so good and the chicken is tender and tasty that often people order the 2nd bowl.


Source: 卡琳

They also have many other side dishes and soup. As a Singaporean, I will recommend you to at least get another soup. Taiwan soup is well prepared with the full ingredients. I have yet to find a bad soup in Taipei so far. Remember to keep some tummy space for this!

5. Chicken Feast for Chicken Lover at 環記麻油雞


Source: 胖大叔 Mr. Fat Uncle

If you are thinking of getting a proper meal and you are a chicken lover, this is the best place to go. 環記麻油雞 has been around for more than 70 years. The key attraction of their food is the traditional taste. It is easy to find fusion food nowadays but it is never easy to find a delicious traditional food. Over here, you will be able to taste one.

6. Unique Prawn Feasting at 料理長胡椒蝦


Source: 料理長胡椒蝦 Facebook

This is a unique stall in the night market. They cook prawn in the way that you never expect. Their signature dish is the pepper prawn in a bowl. It is not spicy and very delicious. If you are a prawn lover, this is the stall you must visit. Per portion is around 10 pieces.

Advise: The waiting time can be a bit long due to the preparation time and queue. If you are hungry, you should visit other stall first. There is a saying, “Hungry man is an Angry Man”. Stay happy during holiday!

7. Taiwan Style Oyster Omelette at 賴記雞蛋蚵仔煎


Source: 來一球叭噗

Oyster Omelette is very common in Singapore but why Singaporean still loves to eat oyster omelette in Taiwan? This is because Taiwan oyster is always larger, fresher, tastier and more juicy. Apart from the oyster, Taiwanese is also very good in their sauces making. This is why 賴記雞蛋蚵仔煎 is so popular. Their sauces is well balance, their omelette is crispy and the oyster is juicy and Q.


Source: 來一球叭噗

Another secret from them is their choice of egg. Did you realised that they have egg (雞蛋) in their stall name? Why do they emphasise egg in their name? This is because they are using native egg (土雞蛋) which is taste and smell much better than normal egg.

What else can you expect from their omelette?

As mentioned from the start, Ning Xia Night Market is more of a local night market (Local Taiwanese prefers to visit here instead of Shilin and Raohe Night Market). But also means that you will get good food here because Taiwanese is very particular with food. One disadvantage about visiting here is that it is not directly accessible via train. You will need to walk a short distance from the nearest train station (Shuang Lian Train Station).Taking taxi is another alternative to travel to and fro here.

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