7 Kid Friendly Places in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the top favourite holiday spot by Singaporeans. Interesting enough, many thought that Taiwan is not a kid friendly country. Actually Taiwan has many great places that are suitable to bring your kids along and as a family, you will have a great time. Here, we are going to introduce 10 highly recommended kid friendly places in Taiwan that you should consider during your next holiday in Taiwan.

Fruits Picking

Fruits Picking in TaiwanTaiwan is a fantastic place to do fruits picking. Throughout the year, there are always fruits picking activities available. From Dec to April, you will want to be in Miaoli, the Strawberry Kingdom, because it is the Strawberries season. From May to July, you can be in Central or Southern part of Taiwan to pick Peach and Lychee. From July to December, you can pick the “ancestor of all fruits” pear. Apart from those fruits listed, there are still many different types of fruits, such as Watermelon, Mango, Guava and many more, that you can pick. While picking fruits, you and your kids will be able to experience something that you will never be able to experience in Singapore. Next time when planning for your Taiwan holiday, remember to check with us which are the fruits that are available for picking.

Doodle time Lucky Art Crayon Factory

Lucky Art Crayon Factory

How about some introducing crayon to your kids. Crayons are often claimed to be obsolete soon but it is a fantastic tools to stretch kids’ creativities. Lucky Art Crayon Factory is the only crayon factory available in Taiwan and it has transformed into a tourism factory where kids are able to doodle. Most family spend at least a good 1-2 hours in their DIY activities, such as crayon making, marker making and etc, here.

Pastry DIY 宜蘭餅發明館

宜兰饼发明馆 - Yí Lán Bǐng Fā Míng Guǎn (iCake)

Yilan is famous for their Ox-Tongue Shaped biscuit because it is the thinnest biscuit in the world. How about learning and making cookies with your kids over here? iCake Museum is a place where you can stop by and get some gifts, cookies and Taiwanese cake home for your family and friends. However, the most interesting thing is not about the food, it is about the DIY cookies making activities here. Your experience here will stir a lot of interest within your kids.

Farm Visit

Taiwan Farm Visit

Singapore is a country where we do not have space for a good farm. Taiwan, on the other hand, has lots of suitable place for animal farm visit. Cing Jing Farm is probably one the most famous farm in Taiwan. It is located far from city center and 1,750 m above sea level. Your kids will fall in love with this place because they can enjoy horse riding, have physical contact with sheep, breath in fresh air and indulge in the amazing scenery. However, do be careful. Bringing jacket and sun block is necessary to make sure your kids are well protected.

Cing Jing Farm is not the only farm in Taiwan. There are still other farm if you are in other county. For example, you will have 宜蘭牧羊场 in Yilan, 驛棧香草園休閒農場 in Tainan, 綠世界生態農場 in Hsinchu, 瑞穗牧場 in Hualien and many more!



Source: 舜舜Daddy

Cong You Bing is one of the most popular snack in Taiwan. Anyone who has visited Taiwan will most probably tasted one before. But nothing is more delicious than the Cong You Bing that you cooked yourself. In 蔥仔寮體驗農場, you will be able to create Cong You Bing from scratch. You and your kids will start off by picking spring onion in the farm directly, followed by washing and preparing them. Finally, you will cook your own Cong You Bing with your kids. After this entire process, we are sure that your kids will start to appreciate all the food that you prepared for them at home.

Taiwan Paper 广兴纸寮

广兴纸寮 - Guǎng Xìng Zhǐ Liáo (Taiwan Paper)

Everything has become electronics nowadays. How much do your kids knows about paper and appreciate paper? In Taiwan, you and your kids will learn how paper was made, understand different type of paper and most importantly your kids will have the chance to create some print designs on the paper. This is a fantastic educational tour for your kids to appreciate paper. However, it is important to request for someone to guide you around when you are there. Without guide, you will not learn anything.

Unleash your creativities in Carton King

紙箱王 - Zhǐ Xiāng Wáng (Carton King)

Carton King, sometimes referred to as Carton King Creativity Park, is one of the most interesting places that can inspire one’s creativity. Part of the store consists of a restaurant, a souvenir store, and an exhibit area. All the decors, chairs and tables in the themed restaurant are all made of corrugated cardboard yet they are stable enough for people to use. You and your kids will learn how sturdy paper can be. Furthermore, in the exhibits area, your kids will be fascinated by the beautiful paper crafts. We hope that it will trigger some interest within your kids.

Now that you know Taiwan is actually a very kid friendly country. But planning holiday with kids is not easy. Itinerary must be at a very comfortable pace and it must be flexible enough to cut down any activities anytime when the kids are tired. On the other hand, when kids loves the places, they will spend a rather long period of time in the same location. This may stretch your itinerary. If you are not sure how to plan your itinerary, contact us @ darius@happyholidayplanner.com. We will assist you in solving this problem.



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