6 Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan

Many people are not aware that Taiwan has amazing Cherry Blossoms scenery! Taiwan was governed by Japanese between 1895 and 1945 and during that period, there were a lot of seeding of Sakura done. Today, Taiwan has become a perfect country to see Cherry Blossom. We are going to share with you the top 6 places to see Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan and hope that this will be useful for your upcoming Taiwan holiday planning.

Alishan National Scenic Area

alishan Sakura

Source: http://www.hopetrip.com.hk

Alishan is probably the best place in Taiwan to see cherry blossoms. Without Sakura, Alishan is already amazing as it has beautiful scenery because of its high mountains and lush greenery. During early to middle March, cherry blossoms will transform Alishan totally. Chilly weather, stunning pink sakura and clear blue sky makes it a perfect place for you to sit down with your partner and enjoy a nice hot tea. However, to prevent overcrowding, there will be some admission control by the authority. You are expected to wait for some time when you visit Alishan during this period. After all, everyone wants to see this amazing scenery.

Yangmingshan National Park

陽明山國家公園 – Yáng Míng Shān Guó Jiā Gōng Yuán (Yang Ming Shan National Park)

Yang Ming Shan is probably the one of the earliest places to experience cherry blossoms in Taiwan. We are expecting it to take place around early / middle February to early March. The unique thing about experiencing cherry blossoms in Yang Ming Shan is that the sakura are planted along the hiking and biking trail. You can hold you partner hand and stroll along the trail while enjoying the scenery. The place is so well designed that anyone can take a lot of beautiful photos and carry out any romantic plan here.

Wuling Farm

wuling farm sakura

Source: 妮妮女王的美食後花園

Wuling farm is a less well known place as compared to Alishan and Yang Ming Shan but its beauty is nothing less. It is located on a mountain, almost 2000 m above sea level. Due to its poor accessibility, its natural beauty is well preserved. It is commonly known by the locals as one of the best places to admire Taiwan. During cherry blossoms period, which is around early March, the farm became even more stunning. Similar to Alishan, there are admission control by the authority. It is recommended to get a driver / guide to bring you fetch you to and fro the farm because trying to visit Wuling farm by public transport can be quite challenging.

Sun Moon Lake


Sun Moon Lake is the most popular tourist destinations in Nantou County. It is also the largest lake in Taiwan. Many people have visited Sun Moon Lake but most of them do not know that this place is most beautiful during Sakura season (early to middle February). The best place to enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Nantou is in Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village. Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village is a place where you can discover the history and culture of the indigenous tribes of Taiwan. During this period, you will see cherry blossoms everywhere you walked and this makes Sun Moon Lake an even better place to enjoy Sakura season. The best part is to take a cable car to the village. The top view of the village with cherry blossoms is simply magnificent.

Wuji Tianyuan Temple

wu ji tian yuan sakura

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wuji Tianyuan Temple is located in Tamshui. It is a place where most foreigners do not know. From late February to middle March, you will expect to indulged in the spectacular view.  The temple overlooks a forest of cherry blossoms and this is not something where you can see easily anywhere in the world. Because of its unique scenery, it is practically impossible to find a parking during peak period. The best way to travel here is either by public transport or get a guide / driver and you do not need to worry about parking anymore.

Wulai Scenic Area

wulai sakura

Source: http://luomujie.blogspot.sg

Wulai is famous for its rich natural resources such as hot spring, aboriginal culture and mesmerising cherry blossoms. Wulai, in early March, is filled with many cherry blossom trees and it becomes an even more stunning attraction. Apart from the streets, Wulai also has the highest waterfall in Northern Taiwan. Wulai waterfall, during sakura season, makes a perfect backdrop for your photo shooting.



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