5 Most Overrated Places in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most favourite holiday destination among Singaporeans. Just in Year 2016 alone, there are more than 400,000 Singaporeans visited Taiwan (And the number is growing every year). This means that almost 1 in every 10 Singaporeans will visit Taiwan every year. Singaporeans love to visit Taiwan because Taiwanese foods are very delicious and suitable for Singaporeans’ taste bud. Most importantly, Singaporeans feel that Taiwanese are very polite.

Even though Taiwan is a great country to visit, there are definitely some tourist attractions that are overrated and you will not want to waste your time visiting them. On the other hand, overrated reviews are subjective. Therefore, we listed the top 5 tourist attractions that are often claimed as overrated so that you can assess them before visiting. Here it goes, the overrated places in Taiwan are:

1. Monster Village 妖怪村

溪頭妖怪村 - Xī Tóu Yāo Guài Cūn (Xi Tou Monster Village)

溪頭妖怪村 (Xi You Monster Village) is a very unique attraction in Nan Tou with an interesting concept. It does sound like a scary, haunted theme park, but it’s not! This Japanese style village is so beautifully designed that you will feel like you have stepped into another world! Cute monster statues and mascots can be found all over the village, restaurants and shops here are all named after Japanese monsters.

Unfortunately, most of the reviews of Monster Village are very pretty bad. Reviews usually complain that it is not accessible and it fails to attract its visitors. Instead of 1 – 2 hours, visitors usually get bored within 10 minutes and do not intend to complete touring the entire village. There seems to have nothing special that leaves a deep impression to the visitors.

Overall comments from reviews are that it is not worthwhile to visit Monster Village by itself. It is ok to visit if you happened to be in that area and do not expect too much from it.

2. Rainbow Village 彩虹眷村

Rainbow Village

Source: 兩株小豬

Rainbow Village is a village that became very popular because of Rainbow Grandpa paintings. In 2008, Rainbow Grandpa of Rainbow Village came up with the idea of painting the wall in various colours. Unexpectedly, more tourists and artists began to notice it and start to visit the place. The village has become so popular that the government was forced to preserve this village. Over the years, his artwork has spread over to the remaining houses in the village and this has attracted more than 1 million visitors annually.

However, in many cases, visitors got disappointed. They often travelled for a few hours, having huge expectations, but feel that there are too little to see. Within 10 minutes, they will complete the tour and most probably, suffer from mosquitoes bites. It seems like only those who appreciate the drawings in more detail will praise that Rainbow Village is an interesting place to visit.

It is recommended to check out Rainbow Village before planning it into your itinerary and also advisable to include this place in your itinerary if you are in this area.

3. Sky Bridge 天空之橋

Sky Bridge

Source: chuan888v

Ever since the official opening of the Sky Bridge in July 2012, it became extremely popular in Nantou. It is often compared to the sky bridge, Takeyama ladder. Sky Bridge has a length of 204 meters, 265 bands ladder ends gap between the level 5.65 meters , 70 meters deep ravine below and can hold up to 150 people. In the morning, it overlooks the scenic Changhua Plain. At night, the LED lights will automatically light up and the whole sky bridge will present a beautiful and romantic atmosphere.

Unfortunately, most reviews from unhappy visitors are usually very agitated. They often complained that it is just a 1 minute visit. Within 1 minute, they will finish crossing the bridge and thats all…. Due to this reason, people often claimed that they are misled by the beautiful photo because they have a very high expectation. It is recommended to manage your expectations during your visit to Sky Bridge.

4. Shilin Night Market 士林夜市

shilin night market

Source: http://lynnechua.blogspot.sg

Shilin is often considered as the largest night market in Taiwan. It has more than 500+ food and fashion stores. Apart from these, there are also Karaoke, video arcade and cinema available.

However, many reviews complained that after its renovation, the soul of typical night market was gone. It is now a place just for tourists. Food quality has dropped and price has increased significantly. Even locals are avoiding Shilin night market. If you are looking for night market, there are plenty of alternative night market such as Ningxia Night Market, Raohe Night Market…

5. Beimen Crystal Church 水晶教堂

Beimen Crystal Church

Source: 黃大黃=阿春爸

Beimen Crysal Church was built in Tainan. It was built up because the local government wanted to have a nice place for pre-wedding photos like Shimen Wedding Plaza on the North Coast. But they did not expect the place to be so popular after its picture was posted on Facebook.

Unfortunately, people whom complain about Crystal Church are often very angry. They often claimed the they are cheated by the beautiful photo. Crystal Church is not as big as what they expected. On the other hand, some people simply love this place. It is a perfect place for photo shoot. This is probably why most of the photos in the internet is so beautiful. So the reviews of Beimen Crystal Church are often very different. As a conclusion, it depends on how what you want to achieve here.



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