4 Must Know TIPS on How to Pack Luggage

You must know these 4 Tips on how to pack your luggage!

After using this 4 tips on how to pack your luggage, you will realize that you can actually buy more things during your holiday!! So without further delay, lets start!!

1 –  Roll up your clothes instead of folding them. You will be surprised to see how much more clothes you can pack. Furthermore, your clothes will not be crumpled when you unroll them.

No Fold ClothesFolding clothes will take up more space in your luggage

2 – Stuff small items like socks into your shoes. Space is always wasted when you pack your shoes in your luggage. You can actually put 3 pairs of socks into a single shoe on average.

socks in shoeMake full use of the dead space in your luggage

3 – Store all your phone cables, ear pieces and accessories into a sunglasses case. This will protect your cables and allow you to better utilize your space in the luggage.

Samsung Black Android Smartphone Near Stainless Steel Key on Brown Wooden Surface

No more messy cables everywhere. Store all into your sunglasses case. 

4 – Bringing maps for your holiday? Need to navigate offline? Did you know the Google Maps app can let you save the map of any city/country easily so that you can use it offline? This is actually one of the Google Maps’ less known features. It can be done super easily! You just need to search or tap on the city you want to save, and tap on the “Download” button. That’s all!!! Check out the video below for the detailed steps.