12 Romantic Places in Taiwan that Must Visit

Taiwan is commonly known as Food Heaven. But many have overlooked its romantic venues. Taiwan idol drama always focus on romance but the romantic venues are often known by locals. Here we are to reveal the 12 most romantic places in Taiwan that you must not missed. With this list, it is time to plan a romantic Valentine Date, wedding anniversary celebration or any dates that you need.

1. Tamshui, 淡水 | Taipei

Tamshui’s Fisherman’s Wharf is definitely the first romantic place that most tourists can think of. Since its development, Tamshui has become a top romantic hotspot for people in Taipei because of its beautiful sunset view. Couples love to take a stroll, hand in hand, over the famous Lovers’ Bridge. At night, the Lovers’ Bridge will be lit up and live music will start by the restaurants along the river. The ambience makes it a perfect place for you to spend the romantic moment with your partner.

Tamshui is not just popular at night. You can rent bikes and ride along the coast during the day time. It is recommended to cycle to places like Tamshui Old Street or Fort San Domingo to add more spices to your romantic date. Tamshui has nurtured thousands of Taiwanese love stories especially those ex-student from Tamkang University. It has been, and it is still the top dating spot for Tamkang University students. 


Source: ♥糖果的甜蜜小屋♥

2. Pingxi Sky Lantern, 平溪天燈 | Taipei

Pingxi, commonly known as Shi Fen by tourists, was awarded as the most romantic place in Taiwan for 2014. After the movie 《那些年,我們一起追的女孩》, Shi Fen has become incredibly famous. Couples want to re-create the moment where the guy will confess to the girl during the releasing of Sky Lantern. After the releasing of Sky Lantern, you can hold your partner’s hand and walk along the railway. If you are planning to take to step to start a relationship, Sky Lantern and Railway will definitely assist you.

十份平溪 – Shí Fèn Píng Xī (Shi Fen Ping Xi)

Source: 郭小寶。呂小珊。這就是青春

3. Da Jia Riverside Park, 大佳河濱公園 | Taipei

Many foreigners will be surprised why Da Jia Riverside Park is one of the top romantic place rated by Taiwanese. The park does not has any special architects or mountains. On the other hand, it is very easily accessible and has a very large piece of grass patch that match perfectly with the blue sky and makes it a perfect venue for photo shooting. For Taiwanese, Dajia Riverside Park is a very special place. They will date at Dajia Riverside Park, get their wedding photo shoot at Dajia Riverside Park, bring their kids to Dajia Riverside Park to play. Their lives are always revolving around Dajia Riverside Park. Isn’t this romantic?

Da Jia Riverside Park

Source: 艾比粉丝团

4. Rainbow Bridge, 彩虹橋 | Taipei

Rainbow Bridge is a bright red bridge that is built across Keelung River. It has a nice and long pedestrian pathway that is perfect for couples who wants to spend some time alone for a short walk. Its sunset view set a perfect atmosphere for couples to sit down and spend some quality time together. There are also huge “LOVE” and “I LOVE YOU” icons for couples to place their Love Lock and signify their loves. Remember to take photos too.

Later at night, the entire Rainbow Bridge will be lit up and it will become a perfect place for couples to take enjoy the scenery. The entire bridge reflection can be clearly seen on the Keelung River. After the romantic moments, couple can head to the famous Raohe Night Market for nice food to complete your perfect day.

Rainbow Bridge

Source: 13’s幸福食光

5. Crescent Bridge, 新月橋 | Taipei

Crescent Bridge’s shape is very unique. It looks like 2 crescents with different sizes. At night, it will be lit up in 7 different colours. The pedestrian path of the bridge is transparent, which means you will be able to see through the bridge. This will be a great time for the guys to show your manhood by making your partner to feel secure while strolling across the bridge.

There are also water bus and private yacht available to tour along the river. This tour will  be a great time for you to spend the romantic moment with your partner.

Crescent Bridge

Source: 橘小貓

6. Qimei’s Double-Heart of Stacked Stones, 雙心石滬 | Penghu

Qimei is famous for it’s fishing culture. It has a well preserved ancient fish trap made by stacking stones that looks like a double heart shape, known as Double Heart of Stacked Stones. It is often signified as eternity love and has become a top attraction in Penghu. Many couples find it very romantic to just stay around here and enjoy its untainted scenery. This will be a perfect place for you to have your wedding proposal or your wedding photo shoot.

Qimei’s Double-Heart of Stacked Stones 1

Source: Mafengwo.cn

7. Brown Boulevard, 伯朗大道 | Taitung

Commonly known as the “Heaven Road” because it is a long road without any electric pole. On the both side of the road, you will lush green patch of plantation that makes a perfect place for you to take photo. During harvest period, the lush green plantation will transform into golden colour and makes an even better place for you to achieve any romantic plan, such as wedding photo shooting. The place is so beautiful and romantic that even Takeshi, 金城武, chose this place to film his commercial. After the commercial, this place has become even more popular.  There is one tree along Brown Boulevard. It is so prominent because it is the only tree along the road. Because of the commercial, the tree is now named as “Takeshi Tree”

Brown Boulevard

Source: 台東縣政府觀光旅遊

8. Wang You Forest, 忘憂森林 | Nantou

A different kind of romantic moment can be found in Wang You Forest. Wang You Forest is a very unique place. It was a result of 911 Earthquake and the trees are dying here. Over here, you can easily visualise that you are in scene of Lord of the Rings because it looks like a Dead Wood Forest. If you are visiting Wang You Forest during May – June, there will be water catchment in the forest and you will be able to enjoy amazing scenery here. Because of the amazing scenery here, many couples choose to have their wedding photo shooting here to enjoy the different kind of romantic moment here.            


Source: 吉田榮一

9. Yang Ming Shan, 陽明山 | Taipei

Yang Ming Shan is one of the favourite spot to view Taipei night scenery. Because of its popularity, there are also many restaurants in Yang Ming Shan that makes the atmosphere more romantic for couples. Many couples may have visited Taiwan together, but how many of you have visited enjoy the romantic dinner at Yang Ming Shan?

Yang Ming Shan

Source: 美食推薦

10. Mu Gu Mu Yu Valley, 慕谷慕魚 | Hualien

Beautiful stream, amazing scenery and minimal crowd. What else do you need to make this place more romantic? Mu Gu Mu Yu Valley has a very clear stream where you can soak yourself in it. The stream where you can access is surrounded by marble stone and the scenery is simply amazing. For security and safety reason, you must register before you can enter the valley. The good thing about this is, you will not face huge crowd and you can enjoy the serenity. Plan your romantic plan and do it here. Your partner will remember the moment for the rest of his/her life.

Mu Gu Mu Yu Valley

Source: O型腿阿罵

11. Qi Xing Lake, 七星潭 | Hualien

Qi Xing Lake is commonly known as “The Most Beautiful Bay of Northern Taiwan”. The breathtaking scenery and its unique crescent shape bay make it a perfect place for you and your partner to spend at least half a day here. Many couple prefers to; watch the sunrise; lie on the beach for star and moon gazing; take a slow stroll along the beach or cycle along the bay. This is also why it is commonly rated as the most romantic beach in Hualien.

Qi Xing Lake

Source: 魚拓藝術~嚴尚文

12. Eternal Water Church, 永恆水教堂| Yilan

When we talk about white church, many of us will find it romantic. How about a white church that seems to be floating on the water and the surrounding of the church is filled with greenery and blue sky? Unfortunately, this unique and yet stunning church is only available for wedding ceremony or open during certain special occasion. If you are not holding you’re wedding ceremony here, you can still get a good view at a small corner beside the Shangri-La hotel.This is a great place to start any romantic chat.

Eternal Water Church

Source: Via趣旅行